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Too Much for Today

It’s all too sad. So little time to say hi.

To the editors, thank you. To the new and shiny ones, I look forward to seeing you on my dash.

To the absent souls, stop it.

He does what he does. I do what I do. Never the twain shall meet.

I’m just saying, Tumblr, fix your recommendation engine…

How to Survive the Tumblr Writing Community

The only way to play is not to win.

Seriously, diversify. Find the best – people who inspire you. Find the prodigies – people you want to see grow and succeed. Find friends.

Don’t follow someone back if they make you hate your dash. Don’t think that selling books to each other is a reasonable business model. Don’t pretend that following people who write what you like to read will be sufficient to provide fertile fields of inspiration.

Diversify. Delve into many communities (inside and outside of Tumblr) and make lots of friends along the way.


Remember: Footnotes don’t work on Tumblr.

Just a note, cause I love this.

Footnotes1 are an awesome part of the markdown feature Tumblr has implemented. It’s actually really easy once you learn the syntax. Plus it does a nice thing with links taking the user back and forth to the relevant parts of your text.

I’m not sure if Tumblr’s implemented the full bibliographic implementation of multi markdown yet, but footnotes are beautiful, especially on your actual site/tumblr theme.

  1. Here’s a footnote. 

I must mention that…

… I just had to remind myself to put the “e” in tumbles.

Ya’ll are putting it out there…

…experimenting with stream of consciousness today, I’ve noticed. :p

Tumblr’s Block Party


Tumblr has a spam problem. Which means I have a spam problem.

And, right now, I feel like I’m alone in fighting this problem, which drives me crazy.

Thing is, this should also be driving Tumblr crazy. Crazy enough to get on this junk. Big time. Fast. Hard.

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A Disclaimer

I added a couple of links to my theme today. Because, I like my followers (except those 3) and I thought, “why not?”

Fair warning though. I’m not on my Facebook much. And my twitter is mostly geek/design-oriented stuff with the occasionally clever thing that I’d write and only get crickets. So probably no one’s interested. Which is fine. I like you all enough that I don’t mind contact from any direction. That’s why my email and phone number are up on my site.

Some of you…

… change user names like I change my socks.

You’re confusing us old people.