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Tumblr’s Block Party


Tumblr has a spam problem. Which means I have a spam problem.

And, right now, I feel like I’m alone in fighting this problem, which drives me crazy.

Thing is, this should also be driving Tumblr crazy. Crazy enough to get on this junk. Big time. Fast. Hard.

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On Random Voices

People think I’m joking when I say I find strange anon questions interesting. I completely understand why some of these messages would be disconcerting, but I still like the idea of those random contacts.

As an example, I often save the text of spam emails. Here are three of my favorite subject lines ever:

  1. spaghetti foreknowledge
  2. shuntingyard ricewater
  3. capillary doctoral bumblebee

Sadly, the message bodies were far less interesting. Why would I care about drugs when I could be reading how to psychically predict pasta?

Others are better, like this:

“He or go skid go plural. I a misunderstanding. Are a wherever yearly alter. Be or aura spokesman bathroom. sentiment on fragment. scenario on pleasing syringe. He trivial.
In cracker? by As. in fledgling so disappearance. Is readable Is zoning. As of bigotry. He is midi. you as misery custodial prostitute. federation of arose. An outspoken a warrant. On facility?”

On facility indeed. I’m all over facility. If these spammers posted on tumblr, I’d so be crushing.