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Tag: sorry

a snippet

Mr. Polo cried “Marco”
and slapped his own back,
“the tricks of your trade routes
are under attack.”

Another Angle

These are the things
(you know) with wings,
that still get in the way.
The slattern brings
a higher means,
sets nobler laws in play.

These are.
These scenes.
These simple dreams
of maps as cabaret.
So sing and wait
for duller days,
as such, someone
must pay.


“Please deduct,”
a duck-bill clucked,
and waddled
o’er a waiter.
The maître d’
cried, “foul”
you see,
and skewered
him for later.

Always Swining

In a pig’s eye, (was)
such a pig stye, it would make
your tail curl outright.