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Oh, you’re human…: Like The Whore (Criticism)


Success turns into the resentment
that we made when we were two-
thirds of a whole; twice forgotten
in Mars’ grassy knoll, our fraction
was lost to the unknown
factions that reside underneath the soil
there and here.

Unbeknownst to even the system
engineers, the citizens and…

Like the critique, love the poem.

I will say that I see a closer link with Mars, Babylon, candles and fire.

If, in the poem, we are lost and seek our home, Babylon, we must seek it by candlelight:
How Many Miles to Babylon

So the theme of war and the theme of wandering are used throughout. Candles, which could be meant to represent the studious nature in the old rhyme, must be used to find the true path. Fire/War’s tools are too clumsy/powerful. Gentle light will reveal what the flash of fire will wipe out. As the largest theme in the poem seems to be inter-personal conflict, I think that’s a great usage.

Of course, I could be ascribing meaning that wasn’t intended. :p

Oh, you’re human…: Like The Whore (Criticism)

Outlook: The Lake Bed


At my ankles
bloated beasts
drift on tides,
dreaming. I stalk
the waking
luminence lurking
near them,
among the reeds,
amidst the mud
of this fresh
water reef.

An absolutely brilliant poem, concise, clear, powerfully compact. The alliteration on lines two and six are particularly hard-hitting,…

Outlook: The Lake Bed

Eyes Unseeing

Sitting at tables alone,
alone with approval
regarding their prospects.
Eyes tacit in tableaus,
observatory focused
on molehills to climb.

But the herd wakes to hearing,
engines choked by surprise
give a start at the turn.
The fabled bird in hand
sings soft in devotion
to the beggar beneath.

A Little Girl’s Heist Primer

My Gertrude, when burgling
with outhouse mien,
the pillaging blackguards
work best in the scene.

Take lockpick and blackjack
and tune your garrote
to anything by Cohen
or pale English blokes.

It’s a thick doorjam
so bring a steak knife.
The condo’s own combo
is two-three-four-strife.

Withhold your escape route
until the boat sinks.
Then dole out the specie
‘tween nose-leech* and skinks.

*You probably don’t want to look this up. Trust me on this.