Feste's Lute

Scribbles & Sketches of the Unspeakable

Tag: haiku


A sunny, April day
should never be spent stressing
more than syllables.


Her tears blot as thoughts
of him fade, like a sweet child
unhinged by thunder.


Such a sly silence
slithering to tomorrow.
I should just reply…


I’d cede the question,
if I could bleed suggestion
and mend it with ease.

Emotional Baggage

Thoughtless concerns stack
crystal goblets on ladders.
Who rung the bellboy?

Always Swining

In a pig’s eye, (was)
such a pig stye, it would make
your tail curl outright.

Crazy Ates

“Let’s be realistic.”
It figures. Words so grizzly
bear repeating, yes?


Thoughts, at last, align
and disciplined discomfort
reveals what he sought.

Clothes Out

A warehouse of excess
adulation, measured in
socks stacked way up thigh.


Four heads fight for parts.
(Volume recedes, widow speaking
ends with conditions.)