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Remember: Footnotes don’t work on Tumblr.

Just a note, cause I love this.

Footnotes1 are an awesome part of the markdown feature Tumblr has implemented. It’s actually really easy once you learn the syntax. Plus it does a nice thing with links taking the user back and forth to the relevant parts of your text.

I’m not sure if Tumblr’s implemented the full bibliographic implementation of multi markdown yet, but footnotes are beautiful, especially on your actual site/tumblr theme.

  1. Here’s a footnote. 

Hello Tuesday

Lots of new followers. I really hope to connect with you all as we pass each other on the dash. Feel free to ask anything you like. I’d enjoy any interaction.

To my lovely faithful followers with whom there’s a longer history, these new folks will have to work hard to live up to the standard you’ve set. You know I’d always love to hear from you. If I’ve been silent for a while, know that my admiration continues.

Hope everyone’s having a great day. 🙂