Feste's Lute

Scribbles & Sketches of the Unspeakable

blazing skin

Audacious rays heat sand.
Polar-carbon rage
drawn phage ablaze.
She wielded phages
in salacious skins.
Beneath the roans feet;
broken polar screams…

Molten Corps

The work of the cuckoo was to find the scent absent their knees. It went with bars horizontal like ladders, but lacking portability.

Like bars, but lacking drink.

Like lacking, but imbued.

Amplified, the rungs slung closer to the center, melting successful polarized attractants. Rust began to formal, bow and tied to otter slides. It waited like Paris’s quiver, bowing for mortal weakness.


It’s murder in the end.
All related plates
are stained
and, given that
the helix
is our fate,
grasping grates
and crescent wax,
traits pertaining
to a glacial pace
should be portrayed.