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Your words remind me of Kele Okereke. I love his work, and I love yours.

Thank you so much. Kele’s a tremendously talented and motivated individual. I admire his work as well, though I hadn’t made that connection. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mechanical 6

We hang gently,
orbits grave as
rays carve shadows
‘cross our plains.

Set regrets spin
belief adopts
a stray.

Feet unlaced,
The Messenger can never carry (she crushed his wings)
thoughts so temporary
as these…

Adrenaline 10

And who would crave
a linear end,
events lined up
like train cars,

When the wheels spin
something breaks.
Young horses ridden
shouldn’t ache
so sadly.

Yet you aspire
to bridle time
and saddle pain
in velvet lines.
They’ve placed
a single thorn beneath.


As if my fingertips
extend to calloused edges,
as if your voice
was plunged
beneath my dive.
This recess molds me
far away,
this roofline
never yielded
So go ahead
say “Don’t let go.”
I never had a choice.

Numbers (or something)


Borrowing the โ€œnumbersโ€ concept thevagabondking [who borrowed it moderateclimates].

While Iโ€™m in class. Feel free to send me a number from 1-2000โ€”in multiples of 9. [Ex: 9, 18, 27 and so on]. I will write you prose or poetry, in relation to how I feel about you, your blog, or our…

It’s madness, but madness is familiar and fascinating. Mine might not be as elegant as AF’s but I’d give it a try. Send me a word and a number between 1 and 10. Example: Gloaming 8

Warning: The pieces themselves might be a bit mad. But I figure, if you follow me, you either are used to that or just need me for your follower count. :p


Numbers (or something)