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Formatting trick


Tumblr can be a bitch when it comes to formatting. I have a trick. You can highlight your writing and then click the “unordered list” button.

It will guarantee that line breaks are correct [I leave 1 empty bullet between each paragraph]. Before you post—rehighlight the text and then click the “unordered list” button to get rid of the bullets. The formatting should stay the way you want it. 

Yeah, formatting on tumbr is a pain. I use markdown because those extra linebreaks I see everywhere on poetry would drive me nuts. I’d feel like I was leaving space for a teacher’s corrections…

Small Talk

I’ve been pummeled by snow, beaten bloody by ice, but Frost is the short kid who sits behind you in first hour poking you until you want to turn around and smash his face in.

I’m ready to replace my ice-scraper with a tire-iron.


Let’s segway
these afternoons
into lifetimes.
We can write battles,
we can write
endings where
all lovers win.
Bittersweet ends
with elderly arms
gone cold,
souls found holding
their darling in bed.
And every line
will be worth
a pause…


The docks were close
but every time
my tongue muttered,
you flipped the sign
and shook your keys.


We box their canyons
and fence their meadows,
the noose flies
we strap steel to their legs.
On their backs
you’ll feel the mountains,
in their gait
the endless plains
And we sigh
when their hearts burst
as they fall in a tangle of limbs.
But the only thing better
is to watch them waste
tied in corrals
until their trot trembles
and breaks.
We share their sadness
hiding it away,
then go out to find another.