Poetry: The Great Debate….

by kholinar


I was reading yet another comment on someone’s blog of how we as writers have a certain responsibility within our writing quality when we place a tag. This time the comment included both the #Poetry tag and the #SpilledInk tag, saying neither should be used unless you are certain of your poem’s absolute pristine quality. 

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I agree. We possess our tumblr url names, some of us forward our domains. we share the tags but the tags are also a near necessity just to use our blogs in an orderly way.

When starting a blog on tumblr, each person may start it for different reasons. For some it may be geared toward finished work, for some it may be a vehicle for first drafts or experimentation. To limit the poetry tag so arbitrarily based on an ethereal standard would break the freedom of the tumblr experience. If you want to create a tag that is only for finished work and put the work into marketing that’s been done by spilled ink and others, have at it. Even the name “spilled ink” doesn’t seem geared towards compulsive editing. That’s one reason why I’m ambivalent of the tag itself. That’s another subject.

Appropriating the community’s tags based on a personal standard seems wrong. Especially in the case of #poetry it’s not something that should be dictated by either a majority or a minority. The freedom of the individual to post and tag their poetry regardless of its state should be honored. There are an infinite variety of tags available, create one, market and curate it if you want to read a different brand of writing.