Feste's Lute

Scribbles & Sketches of the Unspeakable


On delightful detours
we form amorous
details past hedges
and thorns, turrets
adorned, well-worn
obstacles that force
expanding sentiments
on sedentary forms.

I eat ninvamplayers! It’s better than a meal at Arrrrrrrby’s! ;)

With horsey sauce? O_O


Walk the wires,
my friend,
shun the streets —
petty pavestones
perverse in their
orderly lays.
If it’s just a phase
then we must
raze every
fire escape.

In, Through, and Beyond

I spun around your irises
and quickly went beyond.
It seemed the
simplest way to
see the sights
on nights we
sat and talked.


Your words glowed.
Bold and bright,
they birthed
flowing pauses
in the night.
With them we
welded our
stainless souls.

A Disclaimer

I added a couple of links to my theme today. Because, I like my followers (except those 3) and I thought, “why not?”

Fair warning though. I’m not on my Facebook much. And my twitter is mostly geek/design-oriented stuff with the occasionally clever thing that I’d write and only get crickets. So probably no one’s interested. Which is fine. I like you all enough that I don’t mind contact from any direction. That’s why my email and phone number are up on my site.