Feste's Lute

Scribbles & Sketches of the Unspeakable


Sometimes I’m afraid certain abilities will fade away. I’m terrible at blindly touch typing these days, because I rarely need to do so.

It feels like at some point, my muscle memory that gets your and you’re right will just drift off and strengthen some grammar nazi in the middle of the night. Then, instead of just being embarrassed by forgetting to format my line-breaks correctly, I’ll just have to smile like an old man who decided to forego his dentures.

Some of you…

… change user names like I change my socks.

You’re confusing us old people.

Lawn Darts

Ye mutter mushroom
bander swabs, sleek
sales ye’ll lob at nods
with odds on every
shoe with metal bent
in quadraset, you prance
so delicate,
forced celibate,
To what end?


Her tears blot as thoughts
of him fade, like a sweet child
unhinged by thunder.

For the Title, Perhaps Something Punny

Something some word
blah blah rhyme
and assonance caesura —
Tweak rhythm rhyme,
thesaurus find,
grand concept
and a question?