Feste’s Lute: Carnival Times

by kholinar

Per a request, this is an account of how I met my wife. It’s six years old, and so awkward in places (especially at the beginning) that I hesitate to post it. I’ve never felt that I was the best prose writer… However, I like the idea and, once past the first few paragraphs, the piece as a whole. It’s beautifully sincere.

Here’s a hint, the threads are books. We met because of the books we loved, with some matchmaking from the music we loved…

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I feel so content. It seems like all my life I’ve spent searching, trying to find something beyond the bland modern fascinations. It seems like I’ve run from distraction to distraction hoping that, amidst all the glitter, I would find gold.

One day walking amidst funhouse tunes and clusters of…

Feste’s Lute: Carnival Times