Feste's Lute

Scribbles & Sketches of the Unspeakable

Always… we are pixels no more.

What is my world? What is my joy when my most startling revelation comes in seeing a message online and realizing that it’s not from a thousand miles away… but my own little apartment to which I’m returning?

A screen tells me I’m happy. A screen lets joy through. A screen that had strained and grated all of our love, all of our hope… is now subservient to our proximity.

Today I realized my gladness in our closeness. Today I found Permanence where it had been hiding for weeks.


…and on…
past the garden of cut flowers,
through the poems of dear words,
beyond the men in borrowed robes…

…on to life and bed-horizons
with my love lying in the west
she falls like rays across my form
and breath, her rhythm, quiets all

Here the dusk
is shaded walks
of friends and spirits
‘neath the trees
Here the promise
is rewarded
by twelve birds
amidst the leaves

and here it is not muttered
here it reaches, lines the deep
here it breaks, and here it shelters
here the sparrows never flee
And if we make our nest in winter
it only bodes a brighter spring

It happened…

So maybe it goes without saying… but I did finally get married on December 30th. I’m trying to think of a way to express all this without sounding vulgar. Really I don’t think I quite have the words yet, so I’ll just talk about more mundane aspects.

We’re getting our little apartment stocked and supplied. For me just the microwave might be enough, but it’d be a very unhealthy existence. As it is, my darling is teaching me a lot about things. I love it. Things for me have been somewhat chaotic for a long time and this feels like a wonderful change that I can embrace. I’m learning to do my part. We’re still finding our routine, mostly because work and school haven’t really started until this week. So things will fall into place soon.