Creation question, and sundry baked goods…

A question for all:

Do you believe that we truly create? Tolkien and Lewis believed that we sub-create. In other words, we mine what is already out there… inspired by the creator. We construct but never “make appear.” We build. We never never say, “Let there be…”

I guess I ask because occasionally I look back at something that I write… and I like it but I don’t recognize my writing… at all. So I thought I’d get your thoughts. 🙂

Anyway… here’s some dadaist nonsense. 😉


They snap in place
It twines about
They swing from space
Through paths; devout

O’er dripping bowls
In peril stacked
And gaping holes
that pull, contract

Kitchen hangings
Pots, tools and plates
Mallets banging,
meat in crates

Extruded thoughts
Still quite half-baked
And lusts in lots…
my need to slake