How to know if you’ve found the right one…

by kholinar

Disclaimer – I wrote this mostly with humorous intent.  If you’re more serious about this question, I did write something up along these lines:

So when Megan and I were talking around the time of our original engagement, we talked about TV.

Neither of us really watches tv. Just a few little things. A lot of people say that… but if you mention a commercial they’re all, “wow… yeah, that one’s hilarious.” Whereas I’m just clueless. We agreed early that there was really no reason to ever get cable or satellite. The idea was to just use the tv for the occasional fabulous fim… and maybe DDR. :p

Fast forward a bit. My two vices have been the Scifi Channel and Cartoon Network. I moved a while back and didn’t have cable, so my love of cartoon network was laid to rest. At the same time… one flame burned strongly… my love of Scifi’s Battlestar Galactica. Seriously, if none of you have watched this… it’s, in my opinion, the best show on television. The strength of the characters and the complexity of situations and principles expressed are just beyond the ken of anything else out there.

So I loaned her some dvds, including the first season, and first half of the second season, and she’s been watching.

So last night we’re talking and the subject came up. She says, “I think we’re going to have to get cable just for Battlestar Galactica.”

Stop and ponder that. Ask yourself how many women would ever utter that phrase.

The answer is: “No, gentlemen… you cannot have my fiancée.”