It must be so…

by kholinar

The worst of mystic rambling;
Faith on the sand-boxed reason…
Wide-eyed beneath dark glasses
trusting folly, the cleverness so common

Almost as vulgar, twice as trite
as the daily volleys of words
(like salvos) battering the morning,
leaving shrapnel in my ears.
bleeding public radio/parody songs

faith, oh faith! yes! let us return
to your doctrine of mind,
to your 2+2 and the peril
beneath the equals

all men
all men, yes,
lace their math with flaws.
Such a sexy corset pulls it tight,
constrains, but fat hangs underneath.

So shun Wisdom with her sad eyes
though she tends the heads of fools
teaching them to be uncertain,
and leading them like children
out of The Age of Reason
to something less ridiculous.