by kholinar

Many of you may think disjointed is the word for me recently anyway. Not that I mind. Today at a convenience store there were at least two crazy people. (edit: I am really not making fun here, I think our view of what is normal is crazy in itself) One of which obviously had a hard time reacting to the world. She’d move slowly toward everything that involved her…. it was obvious that her mind couldn’t process the input, so what she did had to be very slow and deliberate. I moved to one side to do something and was confronted by the other strange person. Her companion. He, on the other hand, processed input just fine. His output was where things went a bit screwy. Rushing to help, jumping at the slightest inspiration, talking nonstop about everything and anything not related. Related thoughts seemed unnecessary to him, I think. Anyway, he says, “Don’t mind her… she just ain’t quite like we are.”

I loved that.

There’s nothing like the strange talking about the strange. Ha… I was, very seriously, thrilled to be included in his fraternity. Fast, silly and disjointed is perfect. Not sure I’d enjoy the woman’s experience quite so much. So… here I am, strange myself… talking about the strange. Hope you enjoy it just a bit. On that note I’ll leave you with a poem I wrote while in a business meeting tonight. It’s all nonsense certainly. I didn’t even try. Then a haiku, cause I’m going thru a quick haiku phase.

Article 9 meetings
continued daily
lost my train
words pouring off my earlobes
somehow ruptured
in the “need to know”
prelude to boredom aspires
and steals the show
-cue nervous laughter-


the kissing sunset
does thank her waiting earth-love
for his faithful arms