When Speaking of Love…

by kholinar

A very simple part of the english language. Wow! Ah. Eh? Hmmm… My goodness! Really? Definitely. Err… Stop! 

Everyone uses them. Sometimes they are the best and worst expression for things that we encounter in this world. Take, “Ouch!” for example. When an adult smashes his hand in the door, it hardly seems adequate to describe the whole, overflowing feeling that is exploding in that person’s mind. This is why some become so vulgar in their exclamations. For a little child with a scratched knee, however, it seems almost perfect. Or when a child hugs his mother with that overwhelming love, the “mmmmmmm” sound that he makes when he grips her tightly is enough to bring tears to any good mother’s eyes. 

I wish to take a class.

Teach me, oh sage, treat me like a fool (I already feel one) but make me wise. Take this tongue and teach me to speak, if it is about nothing but this one thing… just this one.

How do you express this? What exclamation is sufficient? OH!? There is none. There is none. Yet each sentence, when I talk about my desire for this beautiful girl, I search for one. It is not a search that I despise, but will it ever be fruitful? I do not wish to blaspheme, I do not wish to be vulgar. Instead I wish to take this heaving of stomach, this thunder of heart, this fire that flows thru every part of me and make it fill the air above me. I feel certain then that it would echo in the mountains. 

Hmmm… no teachers? I will write instead then. I will write in verse and in prose and in song what cannot be said in a single word, and though I fail a million times, still I will write. 

Or maybe I will see if my lips know what my mind does not.

Bewitching girl, I have always spoken well enough. How is it that you leave me speechless?