Clumsy Words

by kholinar

Sometimes I wish to write something grand for my love and something quite the opposite comes out. I shun it and hold my head in my hands. But… nothing I write could describe her, or the depth of my feelings. So, while this is a testament to the skill I have needing much work, I will post it. It is true, if nothing like what I wanted it to be.

Each whispered word does thrill with pleasure,
as a child awed by the clocksmith’s art.
Mine every step is marked and measured,
by the gentle pulse of my lover’s heart.

The sun and moon do dance together,
timeless, joined by subtle ties.
Yet to my heart they dim forever
in the bright light of my darling’s eyes.

Dearest, hold me in my wonder.
Angel, bring me to your skies.
Heartsong, fill my ears with thunder.
Darling, kiss away the sighs.