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Jack Frost

IMG_0691We had the most amazing frost the other day… beautiful fractals everywhere.

Old Icarus

Remember, child,
do not forget again:

To every raven comes
a reckoning,
and to the maven,

As Guinea hens
oft illustrate in pens,
your wings will wither
slowly from this sin.

Bereaved Singularity (or Hello, Myth)

And shapes;
Once for
Once ignition.
for and before
Force of Fusion.
Galactic race
to second place.
Light streams teasing,
and debates
of meaning.

Those who do not learn history are doomed to pre-heat it.

Allegedly first said in some form by George Santayana, but this version should be attributed to my auto-correct.

The Press of Gravities

they fade,
days sorely missed.

pages from an age
by the galaxies
and displays of violence.
Arrays like hyacinths.

The darkened stain upon
a solar blaze
lost confidence
in context and

by forces
hiding in
the mass around
your core.

convection —
it’s all the same,
second place
to fusion.

Quoting yourself has come to be known in our industry as ‘laying down orange koans’ because, like roadwork, the result is rarely desirable, and everyone in proximity is left with the vague feeling that we are indirectly financing the inconvenience.

Me (via kholinar)

I’m going to extend this one to self-reblogging. :p

Koyomi – “You—-what kind of person are you?”

Oshino – “Me? Sometimes a mysterious child of the wind, sometimes a mysterious traveler, sometimes a mysterious drifter, sometimes a mysterious bard, sometimes a mysterious high-class vagrant.”

All mysteries.

“Sometimes a female voice’s lowest range.”

“……Sometimes an alto?”

“Sometime I am, sometimes I’m not.”


programming is terrible: Natural born programmers


This petulant belief that programming ability is a gift, rather than a skill, often surfaces as a flimsy rationale for the gender imbalance in technology, but actually serves to reinforce the problem.

Truly interesting and inspiring set of observations on how belief systems affect learning ability…

programming is terrible: Natural born programmers


We regard the
sinking scow —
clouds obscure
her lucky stars.
Now and ever,
taking turns
they pray,
diving they divine,
the dice urge casting
Hopeless eyes
scry the skies.
Depths to the east and
debts to the West.
The greater lights fall…
as blackened orbs,
and rest…
pockmarked shields,
adorned with stripes,
on battlefields
of blight.

Inhale and Exhale

Systole then diastole.

From the inward breath, Aleph, inspiration… to the first utterance, Bereshith, creation.

We take in so we may give.

We receive not for ourselves alone.

The greatest giver is always the most gifted.